Month: July 2019

Three Data Onboarding Tips

Whether we’re combating churn through retention campaigns, or utilizing our first party data for Look-a-Like models to target the most likely prospects, onboarding is a core component of any digital audience strategy. It seems simple enough – load our emails, MAIDs and other personal identifiers into an onboarding tool, check the match rates, and then…
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Using Google Analytics Audiences

Google Analytics Audiences is a powerful real-time audience tool, when using the full google stack. 1st party on-boarding audience strategies are delayed because of matching. Cookie/floodlight audience strategies are becoming more and more limited due to ITP, and don’t allow for the depth of behavioral segmentation (time on page, number of pages viewed, etc.) Leaving…
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Segmenting LTV for Efficiency

Lifetime Value (LTV) is an important metric in acquisition efforts. We obviously don’t want to spend more acquiring a customer than they’re worth (LTV), so we use LTV as a benchmark to set our Cost per Acquisition (CPA) targets. In it’s simplest form, we’d assess the average LTV of our current customers to find an…
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