I spent last week in the encapsulating beauty of Acadia, the fall version. It was the exact same week I traveled to Acadia last year, and the whole time I was there my mind kept rifling through everything that’s happened in between.

The truth is, I don’t really have words for any of it anymore. Which was what made Acadia perfect for me. I went with a few friends, but I spent a lot of time hiking and doing night photography on my own, just Gizmo and I, leaving my thoughts the freedom and space to roam.

The trip was a chance to try out my new 12mm lens, and I took full advantage of it. In all the parks I’ve been to, Acadia is one of my favorites to take my camera to.  

The views are magical. The explosion of painted foliage against pebble beaches and sheer cliffs, under endless assault by Atlantic waves, immerse you so deeply that peace is inescapable. 

These days, there’s few things to appreciate more than moments of peace. Thankfully, despite all that’s happened, I could still find that in Acadia.