Day 16

The day started off with a hint from Trump that he may impose a 14-day quarantine on New York, New Jersey and parts of Connecticut – since there was fear from other governors of people fleeing this hotspot and spreading covid to other states. I caught it by accident really, I just happened to be listening to Cuomo’s daily briefing when the news cut in to cover Trump’s comments to reporters outside the White House. 

Of course my anxiety skyrocketed. I have plenty of food, there’s no shortage of anything at the grocery stores and while the numbers are rising in New York – they’re rate of growth appears to be slowing down (fingers crossed.) Still…the thought of being trapped here immediately sparked panic, and I began contemplating and planning an escape.  

Then I took a breath. I turned off the TV, cut some sweet potatoes and threw them in the air fryer, cleaned my kitchen and bathroom while listening to a podcast – and when I checked my phone to see any updates on a forthcoming Trump decision on a quarantine, my social feeds and the media outlets were littered with partisan misrepresentations and bickering about Trump. 

My family called, asking if I was leaving. I told them I was going to stay, and reassured them I had plenty of food, the grocery stores here have plenty of everything, and even though the monotony and isolation is driving us all a little wacky – all things considered, it’s okay here. 

We are going to be okay.

Then I went for my daily walk, and took my camera. I’m always very careful on my walk – I keep my distance from anyone I pass, and I am cognizant of anything I touch – particularly never touching my face. When I get back to my apartment I disinfect everything, the front end of my hallway is a quarantine zone where all my “outdoor” clothes reside now. The streets are empty with everyone staying home, but most of us are taking a walk or jog for exercise – maintaining space with anyone else. 

Tonight Trump announced that a quarantine wouldn’t be necessary. That was the big news story and freak out of the day. I’m glad I remembered to breath. I could have spent it riddled with anxiety, or racing down the turnpike back to Maryland. Instead, I cooked some mean sweet potato fries, and I’m enjoying my freshly cleaned apartment while scrolling through some incredible photos I took today. 

Hard to believe tomorrow is going to be Day 17, they’ve bled all together at this point.