Day 23

The bike. Last year, in an effort to make room in my closet, I’d debated selling it, or even just giving it away. Instead, I bought an outdoor cover and stored in out back. Damn I’m glad I did.

It’s great exercise, it allows me to go farther across the city with my camera and from a social distancing perspective, it’s better than walking.

It was the first thing on my mind when I woke up. So after I walked and fed Gizmo, I grabbed my bike and took off. I went north today, and hit central park. For a few moments, gliding along the bikeway, I forgot that we were in the middle of a pandemic. Then I came across the hospital tents Good Samaritan had set up in the park, right across from Mount Sinai, to help with Covid patients.

It’s hard to process. Makeshift hospitals being erected in Central Park. I’d read about them all week, but they felt even less real right in front of my eyes. 

When I got back to my apartment I turned on the news but could only take ten minutes of the partisan nonsense before I had to turn it off. Decided to do pushups and pull-ups instead, a much better use of my time. 

Cuomo said this morning that the peak is expected within the next 7 day range, reiterating that this week was going to be rough. Tomorrow is Monday…day 24. Over three weeks in, and we’re still facing the peak…the worst. 

When I started seeing shops board up their windows with plywood, I likened it to beach towns preparing for a hurricane. That’s probably why I likened Coronavirus to an impeding storm, and we’re busily collecting resources to prepare for its crescendo. But that’s the wrong analogy…

A siege is more appropriate. There is no big crash, no big event – instead there’s the draining day to day monotonous reclusion from the world. We’re not boarding up for an approaching storm, we’re locked in an epic staring game with a virological invader. Can we maintain our discipline longer than the virus can survive without new hosts. Who blinks first.