Day 26

On day 26 I spent my night playing with my hue lights, setting up different scenes and fiddling with different color schemes. Why? It was the most exciting thing I had to do in the middle of this ongoing quarantine. 

After my last conference call, I took out the bike.  I rode down to the Brooklyn Bridge, over and back, and headed back to my apartment,

There’s more movement in the city these past few days. 

I took the East River Greenway on my way down, it’s crowds were a stark contrast to the empty city streets. People were out everywhere on the parks along the way – still maintaining distance – but the restlessness is tangible. 

The numbers and news have been good the past few days, both for the city and nationally. We’ve collectively been trapped in our apartments imagining the worst for almost a month. Seeing the numbers flattening, seeing the projected being so far off…it’s hard to believe after a month of being stampeded with impending doom. 

But the more it sinks in, the more the restlessness surfaces…what are the next steps now?

The experts don’t seem to have any answers to what to do now, but the one thing they’re definitive about is that we cannot go back to normal, pre-Coronavirus, life. 

In NY, while the numbers give us hope, our stay at home orders were extended to the end of the month, and fines for breaking them were doubled. Looks like I’ve got at least 20 more days in my apartment. 

There’s still a few scene ideas I have for my Hue smart bulbs, looks like I’ll have plenty of time to check them off the list..