The Cord-Cutter Opportunity

The Cord-Cutter Opportunity

The trend towards households replacing cable with streaming service is speeding up, at an even faster pace then previously thought according to this eMarketer report. By the end of 2017, 1 in 5 US adults will be non-pay TV viewers (cord-cutters + cord-nevers). Further, US adults spent 3.1% less time in front of a TV (3 hours 58 minutes a day) in 2017, and 9.3% more time watching digital video (1 hour 17 minutes a day). 

TV advertising certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – but it’s reach is shrinking. But for the audience it’s losing, as a digital marketer, the format of digital video offers opportunities to engage with these viewers in different ways. Here’s three to think about:

Programmatic Personalization

You can buy pre-roll programmatically, just like display and native formats. You can leverage all the same targeting data, which means you can use that same targeting data to tailor different videos to different audiences. You can use sequential videos to tell a story over a number of ads. You can also use video to re-target site abandons, with an ad focused on returning them to your site – instead of telling them who you are. 

One-to-One Mobile Viewing

Smartphones are increasingly becoming the screen people view digital videos. On YouTube alone, more than half of their views come from mobile. The smartphone offers two unique opportunities:

  • Cookies/Device IDs – on a computer, multiple people sometimes share the same browser, and the same cookies. But the smartphone is a personal device, not often shared. Combine that personal cookie with the ability to geo-target the device everyone takes everywhere they go, and smartphones offer a true one-to-one advertising platform.
  • Focused Viewer – TVs play in the background. I doubt many people have a video on their smartphone playing for background noise. Most are watching that video on the smartphone they’re holding a few feet from their face. More focus equals more opportunity for the advertiser.

You Can’t Click a TV…Yet

Much of digital video is watched on interactive devices (smartphones, tablets, computers), and can contain clickable CTAs. While I would never measure the effectiveness of an Online Video campaign by it’s CTR, or even last-click conversion rate…it’s important to give those who do click (who happen to be the most interested) a seamless journey. 

On a recent Trueview campaign we ran for my client, one of the unexpected outcomes was a 187% increase in YouTube channel subscribers during the campaign, and a 329% increase in channel video views (almost all of that increase coming from assisted views – meaning people who viewed a Trueview ad, clicked through to the channel, and watched other videos there.) 

Our channel wasn’t as optimized as it could have been. Think-through and prepare the post-click journey, give this audience something worth clicking through to.

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