The Redwoods

I went to Dreamforce (Salesforce's annual conference), in 2014. This was my first time traveling to San Francisco, and the closest I'd yet been to one of my most coveted bucket listers - the redwoods. I don't know why I've been fascinated with the redwoods my entire life, but I wouldn't rule out the possible correlation to the Battle of Endor and the Ewoks being filmed there in ROTJ. 

So after the conference wrapped, I took a few days off, rented a car and headed north. Muir woods is just north of SF, but where Star Wars was filmed was in the National and State Redwood parks, about 4.5 hours north of San Francisco. I figured if I was going to make the trip I was going to enjoy it, and turned it into an 8 hour drive by following the rest of the Pacific Coast Highway, before taking the Redwood Highway inland and up through Eureka to a town a little farther north called Trinidad. 

There was cluster of cabins, one half summer camp and one half motel, where I made my base for the next few days. 

I encountered Elk (far too closely), I felt tiny wandering through the Fern Valley (where they filmed parts of Jurassic Park), I hiked in awe underneath the cathedral-like canopies of those stoic red giants. I have not experienced another park as magical. 

The redwoods did not disappoint.

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