Acadia National Park

Even though I'd visited family in southern Maine countless times growing up, I'd never been up to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. It has long been on my list. The opportunity came last October, when I had a few weeks off before starting my new role at NBCU, Peacock. 

Acadia is known for Fall. I went the week after Labor Day, which ended up being a lucky decision. The crowds all faded away after labor day, with kids going back to school. But the foliage was just passing its peak, and most of the branches were still hidden in red, orange and gold. It was beautiful and serene. 

Gizmo and I spent the days hiking trails winding deep through rustling trees and rocky cliffs escaping the dense forest to peak out over the Atlantic. At night, I'd tuck him in at the hotel, and venture out to Cadillac Mountain with my camera and tripod. The brilliance and peace of that night sky.

If you ever get a chance to go to Acadia in the Fall, go. Just go.


My Route

I drove 4 hours from New York to South Berwick, ME, where I stayed with my uncle and aunt for a couple of nights. From there, I headed north to Portland and then followed Route 1 up the Maine coast to Bar Harbor.

Taking 1 was the longer route, but well worth it. It was supposed to be four hours this way, but it ended up being six and a half after all the stops I made to take pictures. The picturesque small towns, panoramic views of the Atlantic and antique shops are something to experience in themselves. 

Worthwhile Links

Acadia National Park Maps

NPS site and official maps. 

Hanscom's Cottages

Cool patch of cottages where I stayed. Just a little outside of Bar Harbor. Cheap, simple, quiet, convenient.