Blue Ridge Parkway

There are few places that capture my soul like the blue ridge mountains. I graduated from Appalachian State, in Boone, and had spent some of the most formative years of my life exploring the bluffs, trails and majestic calm of the parkway. 

After the months locked down in my apartment during the pandemic, I needed the mountains. So I rented a cabin near Boone, and invited a friend from the city. We were supposed to stay just a week, but we extended it to two. My college friend Cameron lives in Boone with his family, and getting to spend time with him again was refreshing, particularly after the social isolation. Someone I'd recently met came and stayed at the cabin the second week, and her and I spent evenings chasing sunsets and stars on the parkway. 

I fled to those familiar mountains to escape. But it felt like coming home. The wondering calm of those listlessly rolling blue horizons reminded me of the part of me I'd forgotten these past few years in the city, an important part of myself that I'd lost. 

These past few years have been hard. Being in Boone, I remembered that feeling of hope for the future I'd felt 20 years ago in college. It helped me find a hope for the future in this pandemic, for the first time. I thought about that vision for my life I'd had 20 years ago, and what had actually turned out. There's been bruises, but the journey since college has been a grander adventure then I'd ever imagined. 

It reminded me the beauty in not knowing what's going to happen.

And those whimsical rain forest mountains, they made it easy to remember there's so much adventure left...

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